Regional Apprehension Avoidance Course (RAAC)

5-day course with training focused on situational awareness, personal security, surveillance overview, physical restraint escape, hands-on overview of technical surveillance & counter-surveillance tools, and observation and memorization skills enhancing the survivability of the operator while engaged in operations in a hostile environment.

Unconventional Warfare

Basic/Advanced Unconventional Warfare Training focusing on the following areas: Small Unit Tactics, Reconnaissance Operations, Direct Action and Target Interdiction (SNIPER).

Tactical Small Arms Training

5-day course consisting of handgun and M4 carbine safety instruction. Marksmanship instruction. Tactical engagement. Course is 20% Classroom, 80% hands-on/range exercises.

Surveillance / Counter-Surveillance Training

5-day training event which will include Situational Awareness and Personal Security; Overview of Hostile Foreign Intelligence Services in area of operations; Observation, Memorization and Reporting Skills; Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Surveillance Detection; Tactical Driving Techniques; and Physical Restraint Escape Overview.

Human Rights Introductory Training

5-day course in Human Rights. The program of instruction can be customized based on client requirements and all training will be in accordance with United States Department of Defense, Department of State, United Nations, and World Human Rights Laws and Directives. The objectives of the course are to give the learner the knowledge of the most up-to-date information and to enable the learner to utilize this knowledge in the operational environment.

Hardpoint Technologies is recognized by the UN for its Human Rights Training Program of Instruction.

Individual Survivability

A course to train select personnel in advanced special operations Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) including pre-mission preparation and proper consideration of regional essential assets that enhance individual survivability and mission success.

  • Mental Aspects of Hostile Conflict Resolution.
  • Integrated Weapons Application
  • Weapons application drills, Non-standard firing positions in and around vehicle (static), weapons placement/considerations inside vehicle, Mental Aspects of Hostile Conflict Resolution.
  • Regional vehicle selection / considerations / capabilities / limitations
  • GRS Considerations during Movement: Defensive vehicle application maneuvers: Moderate / High speed cornering (left and right) / J Turn / reverse 180 degree
  • Manual/Standard Transmission Shift Techniques – Clutch-less shifting techniques / double clutch / left foot braking / center line theory.
  • Unimproved Road Driving Techniques
  • Serpentine Drills / Weight Transfer Turns on unimproved roads
  • Dirt Road Line Theory……Local Dirt Track dependent practical application.
  • Fighting in and around vehicles / road block tactical engagement (from inside vehicle, windshield shooting) / utilizing primary and secondary weapons systems