Extensive Tactical Training

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Learn from the experts at HARDPOINT Technologies. Our training provides basic and advanced courses on surveillance, situational awareness, personal security, tactical defense, unconventional warfare and weapons training. We also provide Human Rights Training.


Gain access to important and timely information on criminal activities and perceived threats through our fusion center. We are staffed by qualified data consultants who collect, verify, and analyze information from various sources.


Call us right away if you’re in need of a highly-trained and accomplished personal security
detail. With background in military and law enforcement, our personal protection officers are guaranteed to keep you safe in all occasions.

Memberships/Associations: Special Forces Association | More Than Five Years in Business

Who We Are

HARDPOINT Technologies in Trenton, Florida, offers special tactical training for US military and police officers, as well as civilians. We are a service-connected and disabled veteran-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in provision of advanced tactical and intelligence support for the US state and local government. Aside from trainings, we also offer private security service.

Mission Statement

Hardpoint Technologies will provide its SOF clients with cutting edge training solutions to local, state and US government agencies. Hardpoint provides the best alternatives to meet current and future challenges and concerns with mature, flexible professionals dedicated to its mission's success.

Contact us in Trenton, Florida, for schedules of our cost-effective tactical training.