Hardpoint Technologies provides its customers with an efficient fusion center that provides information to select agencies based upon the collection, evaluation, and analysis of information that can identify criminal activity or activity of interest.


Organizations today often experience difficulty gathering and consolidating data in order to assist them with creating or understanding a clear, common, overall picture of their area of responsibility. Most of the information is dispersed throughout many systems. Data is often questionable, incomplete or outdated. In addition, the research and analytical process is time consuming and challenging. Yet today’s leaders are demanding in-depth and timely analysis of the relevant facts and data, especially information in response to a specific perceived threat or risk to their organization. Our Data Mining and Analytics consultants provide the analytical products and tools necessary to conduct in-depth analyses of a wide range of strategic and operational issues. We help leaders to obtain the information they need to make effective decisions regarding their units’ requirements.


Daily News Bulletin Board – We conduct the necessary research and investigations to gather accurate and complete data necessary to produce a finished information product. This data may be gleaned from foreign broadcasts, newspapers, periodicals, books, and confidential sources as well. This information is then provided to the consumer, who is then enabled, after consultation with us, to make sound and informed decisions as to how best utilize the services that we can provide.

Data Fusion in Geospatial Application – In the geospatial (GIS) domain, data fusion is often synonymous with data integration. In these applications, there is often a need to combine diverse data sets into a unified (fused) data set which includes all of the data points and time steps from the input data sets. Data fusion was described as: “a process dealing with the association, correlation, and combination of data and information from single and multiple sources to achieve refined position and identity estimates, and complete and timely assessments of situations and threats, and their significance.

Hardpoint Technologies will also provide validation of information in a permissive or semi-permissive environment upon request of the user.